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Product Details CV32-CV80 CNC Vertical Lathe series products with the advantages of contemporary, Mechanical and electro-hydraulic integrated structure. Machine with high speed, high torque, high rigidity and so on. Main parts used in all domestic and foreign well-known brand products, with high reliability and high durability. The machine is economy, efficiency, energy saving, it is the first choice by a complex disk class, crustaceans and short-axis machining part, the machine can finish a variety of threads, circular and rotary inside and outside the body surface, face, groove parts processing.
Technical Parameters (Swipe left to see more)
Specification Unit Model
CV3250 CV5060 CV6070 CV8080
Working capacity Max. swing diameter mm 500 700 800 1000
Max. turning diameter mm 450 600 700 800
Max. height of workpiece mm 500 600 700 800
Spindle Speed range r/min 50-2000 20-1500 20-1000 20-800
Diameter of chuck mm 12”(305) 15”(380) 21”(530) 24”(610)
Spindle nose type   A2-8 A2-8 A2-11 A2-11
Spindle bearing(front) mm 180 260 260 260
X/Z X axis travel mm -40; +250 -40; +350 -40; +500 -40; +550
Z axis travel mm 500 600 700 800
X axis rapid moving m/min 20 15 15 10 box way type
 Z axis rapid moving m/min 20 15 15 10 box way type
Moter power Spindle motor (rated/30min) kw AC22 AC30 AC37 AC37
X-axis servo motor N.m 15 18 18 22
Z-axis servo motor N.m 15 18 18 22
Tool holder Tool holder type   horizontal 8 station horizontal 8 station horizontal 8 station horizontal 8 station
Cylindrical cutter size mm 25X25 25X25 32X32 32X32
Boring cutter Size mm 40 50 50 50
Accuracy Processing accuracy   IT6-IT7 IT6-IT7 IT6-IT7 IT6-IT7
 X/Z positioning accuracy mm 0.018/0.02 0.018/0.02 0.018/0.02 0.018/0.02
X/Z repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.0075/0.01 0.0075/0.01 0.0075/0.01 0.0075/0.01
Overall dimensions of machine(LxWxH) mm 2900X1850 X2950 3500X3500 X3250 4000X4000 X3450 4000X4200 X3500
System CNC device model   SIEMENS 828D/FANUC-OiMate-TF
Total weight kg 6200 8900 11800 13800
The company keeps improving its has the right to change the design,specification dimension and structure of the machines without prior notice.
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